Our Story

Who We Are

Our Founder

The late Dr. Dwivedi was Professor Emertius in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Concordia Univesity where he had a distinguished career in teaching and research from 1964-1998.

He started the foundation with the mission to try to help people escape the vicious cycle of poverty and believed that we could best do this by providing access to education and healthcare and let them develop local solutions to lift themselves out of poverty.

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for the impoverished people, by providing access to education and healthcare to the less fortunate so that they can break out of the cycle of poverty. Specifically, we aim to educate children and adults, to provide health-related services for all ages.

The Foundation brings together humanitarians who wish to make a significant difference in the daily lives of many of the less fortunate in the most disadvantaged regions of India. It is led by a volunteer board of directors and has many volunteer doctors, nurses, other health professionals, teachers, etc.)


Our Board

Dr. Shivendra Dwivedi


Dr. Shivendra Dwivedi is Chief of Anaesthesia at Santa Cabrini Hospital, in Montreal. He has been with the FFPF since its inception in 1993. His late father Dr. Tryambkeshwar Dwivedi, who was professor emeritus in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Concordia University, was the founder of the organization. Their first project was a small girl’s school, founded in 1985. Dr. Shivendra Dwivedi leads the board in their variety of medical and educational missions.

Mr. Vinod Dargan

B.ENG, B.Sc, Member of the Quebec Order of Engineers

Mr. Dargan has been with the FFPF since its inception. He was a senior Vice President at IBM Canada, in Bromont. Currently he holds the position of consultant at Kay-Ci and is the CEO of Incan Construction. He oversees a multitude of projects in India for the foundation and is also very instrumental in our fundraising efforts.

Mr. Dominic Talarico


Mr. Talarico is the Division Chief of Taxation & Evaluation for the City of Dorval. Dominic has been with The Freedom from Poverty Foundation since 2000. He ensures that we meet the stringent requirements as a charitable organization and that all donations are used the exclusively to provide health and education to the poor. Dominic in responsible in keeping administrative costs minimal and ensuring that projects are funded adequately respecting our commitment and our mission statement. He is also instrumental in our fundraising activities.

Dr. Dushyant Sahai
Honorary Director


Dr. Sahai joined the FFPF in 1998. Though now retired from the medical profession, he used to hold the position of Chief of the Department of Surgery as well as, Director of Professional Services at Santa Cabrini Hospital. His vast experience and valued advice has helped the FFPF retain its high standard of services for each mission.

Dr. Yogendra Chaubey

M.Sci, Ph.D

Dr. Chaubey has been a Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Concordia University, Montreal for the past 34 years and recently stepped as department chair. He has been with FFPF for the past 7 years. As a valued member of the board Dr. Chaubey is a respected advisor and contributor to the organization.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Tyagi

Ph.D.. MBA

Dr. Tyagi joined FFPF board in year 2016. Rajesh has taught at various business schools in Canada, USA and India. He is the co-founder of Simplified FinTech private limited, peer-to-peer online lending start-up. He oversees FFPF projects based on the need and is also instrumental in the outreach in the business community.

Mr. Kumaresan Muthukrishnan


Mr. Muthukrishnan has around 20 years rich experience in Information Technology & Software development and he has worked for Global IT Majors like Oracle and i-flex solutions operating across the globe. He has entrepreneurial experience in building a green field restaurant business since November 2011 and is now a proven full-time entrepreneur with various business interests.. He is a seasoned professional with business experience both in Canada and India with deep operational insights from high tech industry to real world gastronomy.

Mr. Marc-Olivier Jussaume

Mr. Jussaume started a landscape design company at a young age. He then went on to work for an architectural, design and construction firm for 3 years. He finally left the firm to become the director of construction at Imvescor restaurant group. He helps the community by being a first responder and is an active board member of the ‘orchestre de la francophonie’ since 2015.