The Freedom from
Poverty Foundation

Breaking the poverty cycle

of the most disadvantaged

The Freedom from Poverty Foundation is a non-profit foundation working in the community of Jamkhed, located in Maharashtra, India, to break the cycle of poverty in families through surgical, educational and community-based missions. Each dollar raised is used to improve the quality of life of the population in this region and to help them become independent, in the short, medium and long term.

Our work is possible due to a large group of dedicated volunteers from Canada, Europe and around the world comprised of doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, public health professionals, accountants, students and various other fields of activity. These passionate and dedicated individuals volunteer their services and use their skills to help the foundation reach its objective of “breaking the poverty cycle of the most disadvantaged”.


We need your help!
let’s help the needy to lead a self-dependent life


22nd Annual Freedom from Poverty Foundation

Fundraising Dinner The Freedom From Poverty Foundation held its’ 22nd annual fundraising dinner on Sat. Nov.2,2019 at Le Chateaubriand. At the 22nd FFPF dinner over 250 guests enjoyed a wonderful evening of great food, dancing and festivities. The 22nd FFPS dinner...

February 2020 Mission February 2020

February 2020 Mission February 2020

February 2020 Our February 2020 Mission took place at the Julia Hospital in Jamkhed. Over the past year, we carried out the medical evaluation of hundreds of people, from which we selected 150 patients judged to be of the highest priority. Here are the members who...