The Freedom from Poverty Foundation made possible the realization of The Subhash Khanna Mission to the village of Jamkhed in 2020. 

Orthopedic surgery

In February, we sent Sixteen professionals from Montreal, Quebec, and a team from Australia consisted of an orthopedist and a communications officer, which allowed us to perform 64 surgeries. Our team focused on orthopedic surgeries, restoring persons’ functionality and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Unfortunately, the covid-19  pandemic forced us to cancel three missions. We redirected funds initially earmarked for these missions towards covid-19 prevention and treatment equipment for the village of Jamkhed: oxygen, intravenous medication, mask, and quarantine facilities. 

In rural villages’ homes are small and have only one room, so isolation is impossible. 

The following are the members who participated in the February 2020 mission:

Bruno Mastropasqua Surgeon
Guy Grimard Surgeon
Nicolas Hamelin Surgeon
Mylène Servant Anesthésiste
Dr. Dwivedi Anesthésiste
Serge Gilbert Anesthésiste
Lucie Demers Nurse
Danielle Despres Nurse
Alex Somma Communications
Suzanne Mathieu Nurse
Luce Plamandon Inhalo therapist
Sabrina Sanzari Pharmacist
Claire Deschamps Dentist
Hussein Assi Interne
Pascale Grimard Externe
Vinod Dargan Project manager