FFPF 2024 February Camp

New day also means new challenges to face. The start of the day is the same as the one that preceded it and the morning walk allows you to start the day on the right foot. The Canadian team of health professionals came together for a post-mortem of their first day, allowing them to put in place new solutions for a proactive progress of this second day. At 9:00 am, all members of the team, including health professionals as well as the communication team, were at their respective posts ready to practice their profession with passion and dedication. Familiar faces resurface from one year to the next and new surgical procedures will improve their daily lives. Even with a busy day, the communications team takes the time to welcome, listen and understand the stories of many patients who have been victims of unfortunate incidents that have left them with physical and psychological scarring. The whole team is satisfied with how their day went and meets after the sunset for a wonderful dinner.