FFPF 2024 February Camp

The routine settles in more easily and the familiarization with the place allows them to be proactive as soon as they enter Julia hospital. The efficiency of the Canadian medical team has made it possible to reduce the list of patients waiting for surgery. The team continues the transfer of knowledge and skills to the Jamkhed health care team, with the main goal of ensuring continuity and follow-up with post-operation patients. The dental camp is also going well and the staff keeps doing prevention and education with the young and adult patients. Let’s say that all the patients leave with clean teeths and a radiant smile.

A little before lunch time, it was possible to take the time to chat and get to know Doctor Nathalie Brisebois, an occupational therapist for over 35 years now. Here is the summary of our discussions:

Q1 What factor influences your decision to return year after year to the CRHP camp?

The people who work here, the looks of the patients that we have had the chance to operate on and especially the patients we have treated in the past who come back to us with a beautiful smile. They seem happy to see us again and they also seem to understand that we made a difference in their lives… There is nothing more rewarding than thinking that we had the chance to help several people.

Q2 How would you describe your experience at CRHP?

It’s an experience that is extremely enriching but also destabilizing, because arriving in an environment that is totally different from home, it sometimes happens that we feel lost… but we also manage to find ourselves with people with whom we share this mission. It’s incredible to think that we have a language barrier that doesn’t allow us to communicate easily with patients, and yet we manage to work miracles with them.

Q3 What do you appreciate the most about Indian culture?

The generosity and kindness of people. At first, patients sometimes look at us with a little suspicion, but we quickly realize that we are strangers. After surgeries, these same patients often ask us to take photos with them because they want to come to us and it’s their way of thanking us. India is all about smiles, sharing and kindness.