After the spread of the Covid-19 disease, which started in early 2021, three surgical missions had to be cancelled. The funds that had been earmarked for these missions were used to provide the village of Jamkhed with materials for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19: oxygen, intravenous drugs, masks, and facilities for quarantine. The houses in the rural villages are very small and have only one room, so isolation is impossible.

Thanks to the funds the Freedom from Poverty Foundation raised during the November 2022 fundraising dinner, 3 humanitarian surgery missions have been carried out. Indeed, our surgical camps resumed this year after a 2-year break following the Covid. In February, 11 professionals from the greater Montreal area went to Jamkhed, India.

All our camps are held at Julia’s Hospital in Jamkhed, Maharashtra. Several hundred people have undergone surgery. The surgeries we do (perform or execute) help change the future of these people.

For example, they can walk or regain the use of a hand lost in an accident.

In addition, our pharmacists have worked with village pharmacists to improve the management of high-risk medicines to create algorithms and carts for using medicines in emergencies.

We performed mostly orthopedic surgeries with the aim of restoring a person’s functionality to break the cycle of poverty.

Here are the members who participated in the February 2023 mission:

In February 2022, The Freedom from Poverty Foundation sent our mission to the village of Jamkhed. We sent sixteen professionals from Montreal.

The team scheduled for February 2023

Bruno Mastropasqua Surgeon
Dr Jason Anaesthesiologist
Dr. Dwivedi Anaesthesiologist
Nathalie Deichendes Nurse
Alex Somma Communications
Sabrina Sanzari Pharmacist
Claudine levesque Coordonnateur
Vinod Dargan Project Manager
Geneviève côté: Anaesthesiologist
Nathalie Brisebois: Occupational Therapist
Michelle Bonapathie Résident